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Agent 51--american rock & roll [surfdog]
Reeve Oliver--california [redsand]
Switchfoot--meant to live [red ink/columbia]
Rufio--why wait? [nitro]
No Knife--the red bedroom [better looking]
The Donkey Show--mr. brown [unicorn]
Your Enemies Friends--my life without a heart [buddyhead]
Bettie Serveert--smack [hidden agenda]
Rocket From The Crypt--i'm not invisible [vagrant]
Jack The Original--back and forth [demo]
The Bronx--false alarm [white drugs]
Rjd2--good times roll pt. 2 [def jux]
Nightmares On Wax--70s 80s [warp]
Remik--kaleidoscope [demo]

Knapsack--shape of the fear [alias]
Pinback--manchuria [absolutely kosher]
Cat Power--free [matador]
Solid Rehab--daze a vu [demo]
Skipjack--it's the end of the world as we know it [crooked]
Unsteady--martha [a to y]
The Postal Service--such great heights [sub pop]
Rochelle Rochelle--fragrant [rnr]
Hot Snakes--salton city [sftri]
Echoboy--automatic eyes [mute]
The Reputation--some senseless day [thick]
Roulette--farewell [demo]
We Ragazzi--forever surrender 2 u [self starter]
Jason Mraz--curbside prophet [elektra]
The Pattern--fragile awareness [lookout]

Maroon5--not coming home [live on sp radio 1]
Maroon5--this love [live on sp radio 1]
Maroon5--she will be loved [live on sp radio 1]
And Ors--flexiclocks [better looking]
Fluf--sticky bun [headhunter]
Fluf--i know i'm nobody [self-release]
Buck O Nine--hold back the rain [mojo]
Firetrucs--all i need [self-release]
Resolver--on your own [demo]
The Stereotypes--knives [earthling]
The Velvet Teen--radiapathy [slowdance]
Modulator--interplanetary soiree [self release]
Flunk--honey's in love [guidance]

Weezer--why bother [vegas/gimetzco]
Ben Kweller--it's not fair [vegas/gimetzco]
Square Circle--very young boy [revolt]
Sprung Monkey--coconut [surfdog]
The Rocket Summer--skies so blue [militia group]
Cat Power--good woman [matador]
Rock Kills Kid--again [fearless]
I Am The World Trade Center--pretty baby [kindercore]
Off By One--change [lmc]
AM Radio--take time [demo]
Reeve Oliver--i want burns [redsand]
The Rattlesnakes--i, explosion [localhost]
Hello Goodbye--i read it on your keyboard [demo]
Greyboy--hold it down [ubiquity]

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(thanks to all our sponsors, the bands, and listeners!!)

December 29, 2002

The Drips--fountains [demo]
The Simpletones--i have a date [posh boy]
The Aquabats--anti-matter [goldenvoice]
The Icarus Line--feed a cat to a cobra [sweet nothing]
K. Luna (The Killingtons)--serenity [tank farm]
Your Enemies Friends--a life without a heart [buddyhead]
The Von Steins--wavelength [demo]
The Distraction--know your place [dirtnap]
Codename:Rocky--oh lonely nights [demo]
Jayd--nobody's cool [supernal]
Radio Head--sittin' round my place [
Nobody--green means [ubiquity]
Mr. Fusion--teams of two [demo]
Mr. Fusion--blue dot [live on Go Loco]
Mr. Fusion--red 40 yellow 5 [live on Go Loco]

Up Syndrome--everybody's against me [criterion]
Up Syndrome--driver [live on Go Loco]
The Pop Narcotic--mad frantic negro music
The Vandals--urban struggle [timebomb]
The Vandals--the unseen tears of the albacore [kung fu]
The Vandals--ape drape [nitro]
The Vandals--pizza train [kung fu]
The Vandals--so long, farewell [nitro]
Ten Second Rule--year after year [demo]
Ten Second Rule--lucky me [demo]
Ten Second Rule--thursday night [demo]
Ten Second Rule--vegetarian princess [demo]
The Drips--destroy the chemistry [demo]
The Bronx--false alarm [demo]

Maroon5--not coming home [live on sp radio 1]
Maroon5--this love [live on sp radio 1]
Maroon5--she will be loved [live on sp radio 1]
Maroon5--harder to breathe [live on sp radio 1]
Jeremiah--run away [demo]
Scrimmage Heroes--monarch tears [demo]
Suburban Legends--popular demand [we the people]
Michael Miller Crusade--mary [demo]
Hello Goodbye--touchdown turnaround [demo]
Downtown Popular--no novocaine [oc weekly comp]
Broken Bottles--teenage dinosaur [demo]
The Rattlesnakes--no good [localhost]

It's Time To Rock--contagious lips [demo]
Circle Jerks--wild in the street [frontier]
The Rolling Blackouts--short legs and high horses [oedipus]
Social Distortion--untitled [sony]
Big Drill Car--in green fields [cruz]
Smogtown--teen age [disaster]
The Consumers--newps [volcom]
The Stitches--baby hates me [vinyl dog]
El Nada--surf skate [finger]
Soldiers of the ill--clock work [demo]
Ugly Duckling--fresh mode [1500]
TSOL--code blue [frontier]
The Adolescents--creatures [frontier]
Campground Effect--calculated fall [local cannery]
Fu Manchu--evil eye [mammoth]
The Beautiful Mistake--silence [the militia group]
X--blue spark [slash]
The Drips--coastline [demo]

Codename: Rocky
live at HOB, Anaheim January 1, 2003

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It's true. Go Loco is no longer on the air. Due to a change in ownership from Astor Broadcasting to Lieberman Broadcasting, 94.3 FM has flipped to Spanish programming. Huge thanks to all the bands, sponsors and listeners of Go Loco. Your support made Go Loco a brief, but overwhelming success. At the moment there is no new home for the program.
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